15 Mar

Daniel Valle architects remodel DSSI's classrooms in Seoul.

Completed by Daniel Valle architects, the DSSI elementary school in Seoul has had its interiors renovated for the first and second grade classrooms. Throughout the project, three main strategies have been highlighted to address the school’s requirements: maximizing space, equalizing it and creating shared activities.
A system of rotational walls can reconfigure the size and nature of the common classroom
Sharing spaces and common areas for study can be problematic when other activities or passersby overlap, therefore Daniel Valle architects proposes a system that allows both to occur in harmony. In other words, the studio creates a possibility for both public and more private hubs within one single setting.

Sharing activities
The most significant feature of the proposal is a system of rotational walls that can reconfigure the space as either a smaller compact classroom or a bigger, playful one for recreational activities. In addition, the added partitions can be used for storage, which frees up the main space from any obstacles. For a good 1.7 meters, the walls are opaque but then glass takes over on the upper part to provide visibility and natural lighting.
Entrance view
Rotational walls can either be completely separate from the sharing space or part of it
Multi-functional and colorful effects are adopted into the moveable partitions
The walls start off with an opaque façade at the bottom, then glass takes over for visibility and natural lighting
Effective seating and storage has been integrated to avoid any obstacles on the way
The moveable walls offer a playful layer to the renovated space
The classrooms have been re-configured for more equal sizes.